Run Cmd.exe

Start–>run have been blocked by our lovely administrator. If we want to open the cmd and type some command, we need to use a different method.
Start–>All programs–>Accessories–>Cmd

I think it’s meaningless to block everything in our computer, it’s no use. And the ass.admin always says “block it, block it block it.” Really shit.


Many people have set Firefox as their default browser in the computer at home, and they would ask why cannot they use Firefox at school. Because Firefox have broken by school administrator, therefore, in this chapter, I will teach how to open Firefox in the school computer.

Step one: Download Mozilla Firefox from
Step two: Install the file in D:(Data)

Step three: After installed the file, change the name of Firefox.exe to what the name you like.

Step four: Run the Firefox.exe, then enjoy your great internet experience.